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A home and a whole lot more

Cottages of lake st louis FINAL HEARTH ROOM1Cottages of Lake St. Louis is a new and innovative approach to skilled nursing care. It is a family community where elders enjoy excellent quality of life and quality of care based on meaningful relationships built on equality, empowerment, and mutual respect.

Unlike traditional institutional care for the elderly, each 10-room cottage features private rooms and baths clustered around a large and open kitchen, complete with hearth room and fireplace, with all the comforts of home. No early morning wake up calls, no long and narrow hallways, no large and expansive dining halls and no absent caregivers. Residents are always surrounded by friends, the smells and sounds of cooking and the constant encouragement to follow their own routines and pursue their own interests, with help and support at every turn.

The low ratio of caregivers to residents is rare in the industry and it creates a workplace where the staff establishes deep relationships and claims ownership of their home as well as the outcome of the care they provide. This transformation model provides a better life for elders along with the highest quality clinical care.

Creating a home-like setting extends beyond the walls and furniture at Cottages of Lake St. Louis. Extensive interviews and conversations are held with residents and family members to ensure activities are designed around specific interests and passions. Allowing each resident the freedom to engage in life in accordance with their skills and abilities is of paramount importance.

“Our community is just a better way of providing dignity, engagement and privacy for our elders at a time when they really need it,” explained Al Beamer, chief executive officer of Cottages of Lake St. Louis.

Call to schedule an appointment to visit and discover the benefits of living at Cottages Lake St. Louis. Watch for their grand opening celebration in February.


Cottages of Lake St. Louis

2885 Technology Dr. • Lake St. Louis

(636) 614-3510 • www.cottageslsl.com

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