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Elegant dining with casual pricing

Chef Jim Thomas

Chef Jim Thomas

Classic flavors and continental cuisines with a touch of soul best defines O’Fallon’s latest addition to its culinary landscape – Clayton’s Restaurant.

Clayton’s owners Kevin Kaegel and Chef Jim Thomas opened the eatery this past July and theirs is a business partnership based on the desire to create an elegant dining experience with casual pricing.

Thanks to their combined creative talents, Clayton’s has achieved its goals for high standards and consistency, delivering a menu and service that’s par excellence.

Clayton’s is a fine food establishment, in contrast to a fine dining restaurant. To that end, the steak, seafood, chicken and pasta entrees are served as a meal and not in an a la carte fashion. In addition to the traditional classics, the menu offers a nice balance with lots of choices.

“We try to keep it simple without being overwhelming,” said Kaegel. “What we do is all very, very good. We have a lot of customers that say they’re at a loss for words to describe how good our food is – often just saying ‘wow.’ Hearing that is a nice feeling.”

Clayton’s offers daily specials, a full Sunday Brunch buffet and an early bird dining special called Dine at Dusk, which pairs entrees with a salad and/or a side with a glass of wine for just $15 – an affordable luxury and another great dining option.

“We make it affordable,” Kaegel said, “because we want people to be able to come in once a month, not every five to ten years.”

For exceptional food and personable service that puts customers at ease without skipping any of the finer points, visit Clayton’s Restaurant today.

Claytons logo

104 Triad West Center • O’Fallon 

(636) 272-7474 • www.claytonsrestaurant.com

Hours: 4-9 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday; 4-10 p.m., Friday-Saturday; 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Sunday Brunch; Closed Monday 

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