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O’Fallon Approves Cobblestone Creek development

At its Dec. 8 City Council meeting, O’Fallon’s Mayor and Councilmembers unanimously approved a petition for voluntary annexation and a zoning change from R-1/single-family residential to R-1/Planned Unit Development for Cobblestone Creek, a 287 single-family home development project on 82.5 acres along Highway P.

At its Nov. 10 meeting, the mayor and council heard from Steve Fluhr, a resident in a neighboring subdivision, who raised multiple traffic concerns. At the December forum, Fluhr again came before the council but this time he had had a change of mind. Between meetings, Fluhr met with city staff about the amount of traffic using existing streets, the subdivision layout, Highway P access and Deer Creek and ways to address traffic concerns.

Fluhr told city officials this month that he no longer has any concerns about the project after meeting with staff members and after the developer, McBride and Son, agreed to relocate the main road that crosses Deer Creek to a more central location, which allows a more direct path to Highway P for those who will live north of the creek.

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