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Lake Saint Louis approves ordinances governing fences, parking, hoops

Lake Saint Louis residents no longer need their neighbor’s written permission to put up a swimming pool fence if it is close to their property lines.

The city’s Board of Aldermen approved several ordinances, at its Nov. 23 meeting, regulating fence setbacks and procedures for no parking areas on residential streets and setting new regulations for basketball goals.

The fence setback ordinance now allow swimming pool fences no closer than 4 feet from the rear or side yard property line. Previous requirements limited swimming pool fences to no closer than 7.5 feet of any property line unless written permission was granted by the adjacent property owner to a lesser setback of 4 feet.

The written permission requirement was dropped. “It doesn’t make sense that neighbors had veto power over swimming pool fences,” City Administrator Paul Markworth said.

Fences in general have to be located entirely on the private property of the person building them. Fences located with existing easements can be removed and replaced at the owner’s expense.

The board also passed a resolution establishing a new policy for residents requesting no parking areas on city streets. Markworth said previously, city officials often went to a street to see if it met requirements of limiting parking on one side and recommended an ordinance establishing a no parking area that aldermen had to approve.

Now, residents have to submit an application indicating why parking should be limited and submit a petition signed by 75 percent of the property owners along the section of street who support a parking ban before city staff will determine if a street warrants no parking areas. The board still has to pass an ordinance to enact a ban.

In other action, the board approved an ordinance regulating basketball hoops after months of review and discussion.

The new ordinance allows basketball “goals” whether in-ground or portable, to be placed on a “hard surface driveway or garage apron as a playing surface” in front yards.  They can be in front of a home as long as the base of the goal is no closer than 10 feet from the edge of pavement or back of curb of all abutting streets.

Swing sets and other outdoor child’s play items can be set up in rear yards only. The ordinance also states that all “outdoor apparatus designed for children’s play” have to be maintained in a safe and operable condition and have to be removed promptly if they are not functional.



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