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Two St. Peters aldermen unhappy about ward boundary adjustments

One aldermen’s gain in constituents is another’s loss when it comes to revising ward boundaries in the city of St. Peters and neither of them is particularly happy with the change.

The city’s board of aldermen voted 6-2 on Oct. 13, approving a bill revising the boundaries of the city’s four aldermanic wards. Casting the no votes were Alderman Judy Bateman [Ward 2] and Alderman Michael Shea [Ward 3] who are among the aldermen most affected by the changes.

Residents from the Carrington Place Subdivision will be moved from Ward 2 to Ward 3. The city’s four wards have two aldermen who are elected to four-year terms.

“I just feel bad losing about 1,000 people,” Bateman said after the vote.  She said she represented those people for a long time. Bateman was first elected as a Ward 2 alderman in 1991, served to 2001 then was reelected in 2007.

Shea said he didn’t favor the change because it affects neighborhoods and people who have been in a particular ward for a long time.  Shea was elected in 2015.

Aldermen and city officials must inform those subdivisions and residents of the changes by Jan. 1, when they go into effect.

Mayor Len Pagano said the city had to make ward boundary changes to reflect 2010 U.S. Census data that suggested population changes. The population in the city’s wards changed only slightly in 2010 compared to the 2000 U.S. Census and in only certain areas of the city.

Ward 2 will include land south of Mexico Road, north and south of Willott Road, west of the Ville Du Pré and Carrington Place subdivisions’ western boundaries and areas east and west of Mid-Rivers Mall Drive.  The ward also includes areas west of the Hickory Ridge subdivision’s eastern boundary. The other alderman representing Ward 2 is Jerry Hollingsworth.

Ward 3 includes land south of the Norfolk & Southern Railroad, east of Executive Centre Parkway and areas north and south of Interstate 70. The ward also includes areas east and west of Jungermann Road and south of Willott Road plus east of the Carrington Place subdivision’s western boundary.

The ward also includes all the land inside the boundaries of Enwood, Springwood and Hanover Crossing subdivisions. The ward boundary intersects or follows the borders of Tanglewood, Laurel Hill, Huntleigh, Hermitage, Country Creek and Crescent Hills subdivisions. The other alderman in Ward 3 is Terri Violet.

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