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St. Charles County Council drops concealed weapons bill

The St. Charles County Council has dropped a bill that would have allowed the posting of more of notices prohibiting the carrying weapons into the County Council chambers, its conference rooms and offices.

County Councilman Joe Cronin [District 1] asked that the bill, which he introduced Aug. 8, be dropped from consideration.

“I request that this be withdrawn, because state law pretty much does what we need to do anyway,” Cronin said.

Cronin said there was no need for the ordinance since state statutes already prohibit the bringing of a firearm into the council chambers and meeting rooms, because it’s an elected officials meeting area. State law also prohibits persons who have concealed carry permits to carry firearms into county buildings. Qualified law enforcement officers are allowed to openly carry a firearm in courts and council offices.

The bill would have required an 11-inch by 14-inch sign to be posted at each council chamber, conference room and office stating that no “guns, knives or other weapons allowed in the council room unless in possession of qualified law enforcement officer.”

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