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St. Peters plans to install three new digital signs to provide information on traffic, city events

St. Peters is moving ahead with installation of digital message signs in three locations – which may cost as much as $375,000 – to advertise city events and services, and provide traffic and other information to motorists.

The city’s Board of Aldermen heard from William Benesek, the city’s director of transportation, at their Aug. 11 work session about where the signs will be located and what they will be able to do.  A 6-by-10-foot sign would be located just east of the new entrance being built to access the city’s Rec-Plex on Mexico Road and another along Mexico Road at Grand Teton Drive.

Benesek said a 7-by-12-foot overhead sign will be installed along Mid Rivers Mall Drive at Grand Teton Drive just south of the intersection.

The two signs along Mexico Road will include information on city events and activities. The Mid Rivers Mall Drive sign will be mounted off a pole and be overhead of traffic. It will primarily include transportation and traffic information, Benesek said.

“It’s a good decision point for drivers – if traveling northbound on Mexico Road you’re at a decision point at Grand Teton,” Benesek said. “If there is a congestion or issues on Interstate 70 you have an opportunity to make a decision – you can either ravel on Mexico [Road] or continue northbound on Salt River Road.”

Each sign will be full color, have a high resolution LED display and able to display statistic or moving images. The signs will be connected to the city’s fiber communications network to allow efficient programing from a number of locations.

The Mexico Road sign at the Rec-Plex entrance is expected to cost $88,000 and the Mexico Road at Grand Teton sign is expected to cost $94,000. The signs are included in the city’s budget.

The Mid-Rivers Mall Drive sign is expected to cost $175,000, with the expense paid by a half-cent sales tax administered by the St. Charles County Road Board.

Aldermen said the city also needed other signs. Alderman Donald Aytes and Alderman Patrick Barclay, both who represent Ward 4, suggested the city needed information signs to the east near Cave Springs and Jungermann roads.

“We need to scatter them a little bit,” Aytes said.

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