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Election Preview: Q&A with the candidates

In anticipation of the Aug. 2 primary, candidates in all races were invited to answer the following questions: Why are you running and what are your priorities if elected? What are your qualifications for holding public office?

Mid Rivers Newsmagazine has not verified and does not endorse the statements made by the candidates. Candidates in all races are listed in ballot order. If no information is listed, then the candidate did not respond to Mid Rivers Newsmagazine’s questionnaire by the deadline.


• Chief Wanna Dube [D]

My priorities if elected are to end all vice wars – addiction is a human fragility, not a criminal act – however, the war against addiction is a criminal act and a crime against humanity. Our federal reserve notes [money] states for all debt and public – either our money is null and void or prohibitions are the justice reform. Education reform, healthcare reform and jobs are priorities. Time to plant the planet – are you “hemp” to that?

• • •

I am a lifelong citizen, a human and I stand on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for all. My life’s experiences trump traditional education. I am dedicated and convicted. Google me.

• Cori Bush [D]

• Jason Kander [D]

• Robert Mack [D]

• Roy Blunt [R]

• Kristi Nichols [R]

• Bernie Mowinski [R]

• Ryan D. Luethy [R]

• Jonathan Dine [L]

• Herschel L. Young [L]

• Fred Ryman [C]



• Leonard Joseph Steinman II [D]

• Chris Koster [D]

• Eric Morrison [D]

• Charles B. Wheeler [D]

• Catherine Hanaway [R]
As governor, I will fight the culture of lawlessness in our state that has spread with the riots in Ferguson, protests at Mizzou, illegal immigrants flooding our borders, and rising violent crime in our cities, including assaults on police officers. We need to revitalize our state’s economy to ensure that all Missourians have access to quality jobs. We must guarantee that all Missouri children have access to a quality education that will prepare them for a lifetime of success. I will always stand up for the right to life and the Second Amendment.

• • •

We need a governor to restore law and order, and fight the overreaching federal government. As a federal prosecutor, I prosecuted over 4,000 crimes, putting some of Missouri’s most dangerous criminals and corrupt politicians in prison. As Speaker of the House, I passed concealed carry and banned public abortion funding. But I haven’t run for office in 12 years. Instead, I worked in the private sector, and was a mom to my two kids alongside my husband, Chris. I have a unique blend of experience, and together we will make Missouri safe and strong.

• Eric Greitens [R]
As governor, my top priority will be jobs, to help build an economy that creates more private sector paychecks and bigger private sector paychecks. I’ll also end the culture of corruption in Jefferson City. Career politicians and corrupt insiders have turned our government into a corrupt, do-nothing embarrassment. I will clean up the mess by banning gifts from lobbyists, closing the revolving door between legislators and lobbyists, and applying term limits to every statewide elected official. And I’ll always stand up for the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

• • •

I’m a Navy SEAL and a conservative outsider who has never run for office before. I’m running for governor, because I can’t stand by and watch career politicians hurt people. As the commander of an Al Qaeda targeting unit, I worked with a team to advance a simple mission: keep Americans safe. When I came back from Iraq, I discovered that the government was mistreating my fellow veterans, so I started The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization, to do something about it. I saw a problem and set out to fix it. Today, we help thousands of returning veterans in all 50 states.

• John Brunner [R]
My top priorities are: Job creation and economic growth: We must foster an environment of free enterprise that attracts business, investment and opportunities for all Missourians. Ethics reform: Ban lobbyist gifts, and also end the revolving door and require lawmakers and staff to wait several years before becoming lobbyists. Transportation: Maintaining the highest quality roads and infrastructure is one of the most important functions of government. We will do that by finding waste and inefficiencies in government. I’ve done it as a business owner and I’ll do it as governor. I will identify savings in our state budget to immediately put toward transportation.

• • •

I am the only candidate running for governor who has created thousands of jobs and brought billions of dollars back to Missouri. After my service in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry officer, I engaged in business as a manufacturer and entrepreneur for over three decades, and served as CEO of Vi-Jon, Inc., a leading personal care products company based in Wellston. During my career at Vi-Jon, we expanded sales and distribution to every major retailer in the United States, and grew Vi-Jon into the largest in our industry. Missouri is currently 47th in economic growth. If we are going to turn our state around, we need good family-supporting jobs, and I’m the only job creator in the race.

• Peter D. Kinder [R]
My main priorities as governor are to restore law and order, grow jobs and opportunity, and control spending. Missourians are crying out for new leadership after the events at Ferguson and Mizzou, and I will fight to restore our state’s reputation. Liberal policies have stalled job growth, but signing Right to Work and cutting taxes will bring thousands of jobs to Missouri. To turn around Missouri’s $75 billion in debt, I will implement pro-growth policies and the same tightfisted budgeting approach I used when I returned money unspent each year as lieutenant governor.

• • •

Throughout my career in the public and private sectors, I have built strong relationships with small-business owners, religious leaders, community groups, and the legislature. Times are too uncertain these days to go with someone you don’t know, and these relationships are crucial to uniting Missouri urban and rural. I am the only candidate in the race with a proven track record of defeating the radical left with the NRA’s highest [A+] rating for passing concealed carry, the Missouri Right to Life’s Defender of Life award for banning partial-birth abortion, defeating common core, and testifying in support of SJR 39 and religious freedom.

• Cisse W. Spragins [L]



• Winston Apple [D]

My priorities include a green New Deal for Missouri. We need to move to clean, renewable energy as rapidly as possible and move people off of welfare and put them to work on New Deal jobs. We need to level the playing field for our elections by providing a public financing option for candidates for office. Make health care more affordable. A market-oriented public option for health insurance would reduce the cost of health care by getting both government and private insurance companies out of the way and facilitating direct interactions between patients and health care providers. Improve the quality of public education by giving students a more active role in governing our schools and more control over the nature of their educational experience.

• • •

I was recently elected to the Democratic National Committee.  I taught social studies for 21 years in the Kansas City, Missouri School District.  I have a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction.  I am the author of “EDUTOPIA: A Manifesto for the Reform of Public Education.”  I am the founder and executive director of Populists in Action [a non-partisan political action committee].  I was formerly the executive director of Workfare Incorporated [a not-for-profit organization].  I am an active member of The Sierra Club (serving on the political and executive committees of the Missouri chapter).  I am a certified Climate Reality Leader [through The Climate Reality Project].  I also served on the steering committee of Kansas City chapter of Move to Amend.

• Russ Carnahan [D]
I will work to see that schools, transportation and communication are given top legislative consideration. I will advocate for sound economic development policies  that focus on job creation, good schools, affordable health care, housing, diversity and access to capital for small businesses. I oppose the falsely named right-to-work initiative and other anti-working family policies that encourage a race to the bottom in wages and quality of life. I will work against policies that target women and minority rights and hurt the least fortunate. Medicaid expansion needs to be pursued, not attacked. We need greater access to quality nutrition, affordable housing and public transit. Our ethics and lobbying laws need to be changed.

• • •

I earned degrees in both public administration and law from the University of Missouri. I have practiced in the field of general law as well as specializing in public affairs law, especially in the healthcare field. I was elected to both the Missouri House and U.S. House of Representatives serving on committees such as Transportation and Infrastructure, Science, Veterans, and Foreign Affairs. These committees had oversight on areas such as emergency preparedness, energy and public buildings, veterans’ healthcare, science and technology development, and education and economic development. I was chair of subcommittees that dealt with the aforementioned issues. I also served as one of the House Whips in U.S. Congress. I believe I have the experience and the knowledge to be an effective lieutenant governor.

• Tommie Pierson Sr. [D]
My top priorities are education, economic development and fixing roads and bridges.

• • •

I have been pastor of Greater St. Mark Family Church for 39 years, led Metropolitan Congregations United for three years, was president of the Riverview Gardens School Board for five of the seven years I served, was president of General Baptist State Convention for six years, chaired the advisory committee and co-wrote the economic development piece for the I-64 MoDOT project. I have been married for 44 years and am the proud grandfather of eight grandchildren.

• Arnie C. [AC] Dienoff [R]

• Bev Randles [R]

• Mike Parson [R]
My top priorities will be to fight federal overreach, stand up for our Constitution, and work to implement real, conservative change that will help get government out of the way and get our economy back on track.

• • •

I am dedicated to serving the public and working to get government out of the way. I served in law enforcement for 20 years and served two tours in the U.S. Army. I learned the importance of doing the right thing and working to serve the people, not myself. I have a strong record of working to change things during my time in the legislature, fighting for lower taxes, tort reform, regulatory reform and smaller government.

• Steven R. Hedrick [L]



• Bill Clinton Young [D]

• Robin Smith [D]
My top priorities are: Protecting the Missouri Constitution. I will fight to keep the original Missouri Constitution, which guarantees every citizen the right to vote. Protecting voters’ rights – I will oppose any legislation that would stop the elderly, disabled, minorities, college students and the financially challenged from voting. Increasing access to the Secretary of State’s office for businesses owners, abused women, families adopting, those searching their genealogy and all other services.

• • •

I am dedicated to serving the public and working to get government out of the way. I served in law enforcement for 20 years and served two tours in the U.S. Army. I learned the importance of doing the right thing and working to serve the people, not myself. I have a strong record of working to change things during my time in the legislature, fighting for lower taxes, tort reform, regulatory reform and smaller government.

• MD Rabbi Alum [D]

• Will Kraus [ R]

• John [Jay] Ashcroft [R]
I will focus on protecting the integrity of our elections, making it easier to create a business and fostering an environment where businesses can grow and create jobs. Our current secretary of state has failed to create an environment where fair elections can be held. He has failed to communicate with our local election authorities and has blocked efforts to protect our elections with common sense photo voter ID. I will ensure our elections are fair. I will be an advocate for small businesses and farmers by streamlining the process for creating a business and stopping unconstitutional job-killing regulations.

• • •

For too long, liberal secretaries of state have used the office to advance their agenda. We need leaders who won’t bend to liberal special interests. In addition to holding degrees in the law and engineering, as well as certifications in data and privacy, I am the only candidate that has demonstrated consistent conservative values through it my life. I’m 100 percent pro life, pro Second Amendment, and I’ll always fight for our values.

• Roi Chinn [R]
I’m running for secretary of state for a simple reason, I want to work for you and every voter in Missouri. I am going to focus on creating more jobs in a booming small business economy. I plan to launch aggressive pro-jobs/pro-growth economic initiatives to revitalize Missouri’s stagnant economy. Missouri is one of the most hostile states in which to do business, as long as that is true, nothing else matters. We can’t afford education, we can’t afford healthcare, we can’t afford infrastructure, we can’t afford core services unless we have a thriving, growing, investing, hiring everybody in Missouri who wants to work economy – nothing is more important than that. We have to grow our way out of the challenges facing our state, everything is contingent on growth.

• • •

I am the only candidate running for secretary of state that will owe his seat to the voters of Missouri, and not deep pocketed special interest. I have executive experience in both the private and public sectors, having been a public administrator of a major metro government operation and having worked as an executive with three Fortune 500 companies.

• Chris Morrill [L]
My priorities are to: More closely align the duties of the secretary of state’s office with those of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. Advocate against voter ID legislation. Voting is a right, and thus we should always err on the side of making it easier as opposed to harder. Advocate for paper ballots over electronic ballots, at least until such time as a reliable, open source electronic voting process can be implemented. Digitize and modernize state archives. Help make it easier to do business in Missouri. Pursue aggressive investigation of voter fraud allegations.  Simplify the candidate registration process.

• • •

I am the holder of several fraud investigation and insurance designations, exceptionally well organized, scandal-free and not crazy. I am not a member of any major Missouri political family, or seeking to use the office as a stepping stone to higher office. I am thoughtful and fair.


• Pat Contreras [D]
As state treasurer, my first priority will be increasing participation in the 529 college savings plan. Currently, only 3 percent of families use this plan to help save for college. With tuition rising, it is imperative families have the tools necessary to help save for their college education. Second, I will fight to protect Missourians from payday lenders. With interest rates averaging 400 percent, these loans prey on the most vulnerable. Finally, too many Missourians do not have simple bank accounts to build their finances on. As treasurer, I will work on helping the unbanked population set up these accounts.

• • •

I am a trained economist, who has served our nation and the state of Missouri. As a foreign service diplomat, I helped protect American interests and build economic ties between Pakistan and Mexico. Then, I took my skills and expertise to the Kansas City Federal Reserve, where I specialized in community banking strategies and helping foster economic development. I also serve on the Jackson County Veterans Task Force, helping veterans find jobs and resources after their tours of duty. I have the on-the-job expertise and skill set to help move Missouri’s economy forward.

• Judy Baker [D]

• Eric Schmitt [R]

• Sean O’Toole [L]


• Jake Zimmerman [D]
My top priorities are cleaning up corruption in Jefferson City, safeguarding seniors from fraud and protecting families from domestic violence. We must clean up the culture of corruption in Jefferson City. That means banning lobbyist gifts, ending unlimited contributions, and closing the revolving door between lobbying and public service. Unfortunately, there are people who will find ways to take advantage of others, especially the elderly. The attorney general’s office must stay one step ahead of these scammers to protect consumers. Everyone should feel safe in their homes. My office will work with local authorities to ensure victims of domestic violence their safety.

• • •

I’ve been an assistant attorney general and fought on behalf of Missourians who’d been victimized by illegal business practices. I prosecuted scammers who stole from customers, shut down fake “training schools” that conned students out of tuition, and took on cellphone companies that misled customers by disguising fees as taxes. In the state legislature, I championed consumer protections and ethics reforms to prevent lobbyists from controlling the system with unlimited gifts and contributions. Today, as St. Louis County assessor, I manage a large and diverse office. I oversee a staff of 100 full-time employees with a $12 million budget.

• Teresa Hensley [D]

• Josh Hawley [R]

• Kurt Schaefer [R]


• Bill Otto [D]
My top priority is working to expand and protect the American middle class. I will also work to protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act for this generation and for future generations. I am against the Trans Pacific Partnership, as I believe it will send jobs overseas and lower wages here much as NAFTA has done the past two decades. Toward the same end I would work to protect private retirement systems to ensure businesses cannot use their retirees as part of the bottom line in cutting expenses for their business.

• • •

I am a husband, father, and grandfather and have spent my entire life protecting and serving our country and community. I spent seven years in the U.S. Navy and then 24 years as an Air Traffic Controller at Lambert. I am a two-term state representative in a diverse district. I served three terms on Bridgeton City Council and have been on two community committees in St. Charles County. I was a long-term baseball coach with heavy mentoring, a very active Boy Scout leader and Bible schoolteacher. Most of my life I have been a community activist, most recently passionately fighting to clean up the West Lake Landfill and working with the EPA to better protect Missouri families.

• Ann Wagner [R]
My top priority is to bring Missouri’s values to Washington and push back against an out-of-control and intrusive federal government. I’ve made it my mission to fight for our beliefs in Washington, working for Missouri families and against Washington-centered bureaucrats and big government special interests. I support a robust and effective military that is empowered to protect the American people from ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. I’ve consistently fought for St. Louis national defense and financial services jobs and I will continue to advocate on behalf of our local economy in Congress.

• • •

At an early age, my parents taught me the value of a dollar, a strong work ethic, honesty, integrity and that the government ought to get out of the way and off the backs of hard-working Americans. My public service began at the grassroots level, serving as committeewoman in Lafayette Township and working at the local level to elect principled conservatives. I believe we must do better than this top-down, Washington-knows-best, insider politics. During my time in Congress, I’ve worked to confront injustice and give voice to the voiceless, defending the most vulnerable in our society, especially the unborn.

• Greg Sears [R]

• Jim Higgins [L]
My priorities are to: Balance the budget and pay down the debt. There is no reason to carry a debt. It is immoral and fiscally irresponsible. Get to a pay-as-you-go situation. Otherwise we are headed for a financial disaster. End federal government meddling in the economy. A free market to provide a dynamic energetic economy. Stop fighting endless wars. Bombing and droning creates more terrorists faster than we can kill them. We need to protect our borders from eminent threats but let the problems of other nations work themselves out.

• • •

I am the ultimate outsider. I am not a career politician, although I have worked continuously for a long time to fight political favoritism, and crony capitalism. I have been a Libertarian for more than 40 years. I am not part of the old party establishment which has engaged in mudslinging and fear to get elected, and has dragged America into mediocrity.


• Kevin Miller [D]

• Blaine Luetkemeyer [R]
My top priorities include defending the Constitution, including the Second Amendment; protecting the unborn; securing our borders; fighting for good-paying Missouri jobs; scrapping the president’s health-care law; reining in the out of control regulations from the executive branch so our economy can grow again; combating radical, Islamic extremist terrorism; reforming our broken tax code; harnessing America’s domestic energy, so we don’t have to rely on foreign oil; and limiting government spending.

• • •

I’m a lifelong resident of Missouri’s Third District and have deep roots in it. I spent thirty years as a farmer and small businessman, and am a member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbus, Missouri Farm Bureau, National Rifle Association, and my local chamber of commerce. My wife, Jackie, and I raised our three children in the district and now are proud to have four grandchildren. Every weekend, I return home to Missouri to stay in touch with my constituents. I am the only candidate in this race endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and the NRA.

• Cynthia L. Davis [R]

• Dan Hogan [L]
My priorities are protection of personal freedoms, improvement and protection of Veteran care and benefits, ending foreign aid making those funds domestic aid, and term limits for Congress.

• • •

There is a great and growing divide between our elected representation. As a middle class American I am fully aware of the challenges that most people face every day. Many of our representatives in congress aren’t truly connected to the people they represent. Having to deal with many of the issues that most people face everyday, I believe that I can provide them a greater voice. Additionally, I will term limit myself to three terms, I believe that congress is an honor and a temporary service not a career change.

• Doanita Simmons [C]


• Richard Orr [D]
My top priorities are to implement Medicaid expansion, prevent passage of so-called right-to-work laws, ensure that state parks and conservation areas continue to be funded in accordance with the wishes of Missouri voters, ensure the state does its utmost to serve the needs of returning veterans, and bring fiscal responsibility to Jefferson City buy putting the needs of the public over petty politics.

• • •

I am a lifelong Missouri resident and resident of St. Charles county for 14 years. I am a businessman with 40 years experience in successfully running various businesses. I am a lifelong political activist.

• Greg Upchurch [D]

• Bill Eigel [R]

• Anne Zerr [R]
My priorities are: Finding a solution to sustainable transportation and infrastructure funding. Training and education in the jobs of the future. Science, technology, math and science are areas that include jobs in a wide range of skill sets, from life and bio-sciences to hi-tech manufacturing. We need to develop a work force ready to meet the demand not only in a national market, but an international market as well. Intelligent, common sense discussion on the public policy topics before us is a rational and thoughtful way to develop the policies that govern us as Missourians.

• • •

I have served as the state representative in District 65 for the last eight years in St. Charles, and six of those have been as chair of the House’s economic development committee, then as chair of the House commerce committee. I have consistently voted pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-business, and pro-St. Charles. I believe there is more to be done for the people of St. Charles, and I want to continue working for the citizens of St. Charles in a larger capacity, that of state Senator for District 23. Gridlock is not a productive way to run a government. The people count, and elected officials should put them first in everything they do.

• Michael Carter [R]
My top priorities are to lessen the bureaucratic stranglehold in Missouri, operate government more like a business, and ensure proper due process across all administrative hearings.

• • •

I am a current judge for the city of Wentzville, a past director of the St. Louis Board of REALTORS, and a former senior lecturer at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. I have a master’s degree in journalism as well as a juris doctorate from the University of Missouri. I am a published author and have clerked for the Missouri Western District Court of Appeals. I have experience as a senior fellow clerk/PR in the Missouri attorney general’s office and in public relations and legal research in the U.S. Senate. I am the founder and CEO of Carter Law Offices, LLC, and general counsel at one of St. Charles County’s largest employers. I am a husband and father. I just handled the nine-year naming rights change from TR Hughes to CarShield Field.

• Bill Slantz [L]
My priorities are to improve education, first by eliminating truancy laws. Next, eliminate the laws that require a child to get an education. Additionally, eliminate school taxes for anyone without children and offer tax credits to anyone who educates their children privately. Last, defund the Department of Education. Eliminate state income tax on persons and corporations. End the drug war. The most destructive and devastating war in American history is the 40-year War on Drugs. It is a war in which thousands die each year, which wastes billions of dollars, and which has put more people in jail than any other nation in the world.

• • •

I have always believed strongly in public service, but I thought my talents were best spent by running my business and creating jobs. After watching everything I cherish being compromised by big government mismanagement, I can no longer remain on the sidelines. Because I know that I can help solve rather than compound our current problems, I feel it’s my duty as a proud Missourian to do my part and represent my neighbors in Jefferson City. This country was founded on the premise that our liberty is secured by limiting the size, scope and intrusiveness of government. Small step by small step we have wandered off that path until we can now look back and realize that we have lost our way. I am convinced that both Democrats and Republicans cannot and will not make the fundamental changes we need because they have far too much to gain by maintaining the status quo.

• Kurt Bahr [R]

• Marguerite Dillworth [D]

• John D. Wiemann [R]
My top priority is very simple, get government out of the way and allow the free market system to prosper. If elected, I will sponsor or support legislation to reduce taxes at all levels, reduce burdensome regulations, implement labor reforms and reallocate government spending to focus on areas that need attention [i.e. transportation, energy, workforce education and economic development]. I will support measures that create a business friendly environment in Missouri and spur economic growth.

• • •

My qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Missouri, 20 years of private sector business experience working for companies of all sizes and serving one term in the Missouri House of Representatives, from 2014-2016. I have been a small business owner for the past nine years. I have held leadership positions in the private sector and with non-profit civic organizations over the past 20 years. I am an active member of many local community organizations such as Assumption Catholic Church, St. Charles Lions Club, Lewis & Clark Pachyderm Club, JRGAC Youth Football League, Knights of Columbus and Boy Scouts Troop 977.

• Charles [Matt] Hull [L]

• Peggy Sherwin [D]
My top priorities are education, health care reform and a plan to stop drugs and violence in this community.

• • •

I have more than 30 years in social service experiences. I have worked with people from all backgrounds and cultures. I have seen the pain that the drug problems has caused in this community. I have worked with families who suffer in silence as a result of being afraid and ashamed of what society might think because they are unable to pay their rent, unable to provide food for their family, or are physically ill and desperate for help. I have substantial experience working in the areas of substance abuse, health care, education, social service and industry. I understand how decisions are made in committees and the consequences if the right questions are not asked or when silence gives consent.

• Kathie Conway [R]


• Brian D. Stiens [D]

• Philip Christofanelli [R]
My top priorities are to make Missouri the No. 1 place to start a business and create jobs. Restore public trust in Jefferson City as a place where adults advance the interests of our state in an ethical way. Ensure that middle-class families can work to achieve a standard of living that includes home ownership, affordable health care, opportunity for saving and quality education.

• • •

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science from Washington University in Saint Louis. After college, I started a small business in addition to serving as a press secretary for a member of Congress. I also served on the Missouri Republican State Executive Committee for five years. My campaign has been endorsed by Rep. Mark Parkinson, Missouri Right to Life, and many others. To date, I have knocked on over 8,000 doors in order to listen to the concerns of every voter. I have the skills, training, and experience to be an effective advocate for our district in Jefferson City.

• Michael J. Dorwart [D]
My top priorities are to address the heroin epidemic through a secure statewide prescription database alongside community education efforts regarding the risks of prescription painkillers. Implement Medicaid transformation that would result in 24,000 good-paying jobs in Missouri, health coverage and the prevention of 700 senseless deaths annually caused by lack of coverage. Pass “seniors count” legislation that would appropriate funds in order to provide the services senior citizens need to live comfortably. Combat right-to-work legislation in an attempt to protect Missouri families from reduced income, higher infant mortality rates, significant increases in job-related deaths and other devastating impacts caused by right to work.

• • •

I graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism. While there I learned the importance of thorough research. I think our legislators in Jefferson City lack the discipline to pass evidence-based policy and are more interested in party politics. As the operations manager of an LED lighting company in Chesterfield, I know the difference between nonsense issues and real issues. More importantly, I know how to bring people together to address the issues worthy of our energy. I also am the co-founder of a nonprofit designed to provide money-saving, energy-efficient lighting to communities and schools in need.

• Chrissy Sommer [R]
My priorities are to make our business climate more attractive to entice businesses to move to, expand and remain in Missouri. Provide our children with a high-quality education since our future starts with our kids. Improve the lives of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injuries and mental health issues to ensure our veterans and seniors have productive lives. Fight against unneeded over-burdensome regulations on our small businesses. Reduce taxes, improving our infrastructure and passing effective legal reform so that private businesses can create more jobs.

• • •

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Louis Community College-Meramec, with more than 30 years of professional business experience including being vice president of accounting, sales and marketing for my family’s business and managing my husband’s CPA firm and office building. In addition, I am a longtime community leader, volunteer and mentor in the St. Charles area, serving with such organizations as the St. Charles Jaycees, First Capitol Lions, Five Acres Animal Shelter, Boy Scout Troop 911, Girl Scout Troop 4433 and many others. I have been a State Representative since 2012 and currently serve as vice chair of professional registration and licensing.

• Mary West [R]
My top priorities are tax reform, regulatory reform and ethics reform. We need tax cuts that benefit everyone. We need to create a robust environment for small businesses. Too many regulations are harmful for small business owners. More bills need to be introduced regarding Ethics Reform. When elected to serve in Jefferson City, I will have a policy to not accept gifts from lobbyists. Other concerns are to shrink government, improve infrastructure and raise education standards.

• • •

I have 10 years experience by serving on the city council for the city of St. Charles representing Ward 4. For the past 20 years I have been a community volunteer by serving on numerous nonprofit boards and chairing many fundraising committees for various nonprofit events.

• Curtis Wylde [D]

• Nick Schroer [R]
My top priorities are: Fighting overreach of the federal government as it attempts to restrict our liberties and state rights. Enacting pro-growth, free market policies like lowering taxes to help St. Charles County families. Defending any attack on our constitutional rights. Reforming our education system so that parents and teachers, rather than the government, has control of classrooms. Lowering the tax burden on Missourians and small businesses. Protecting any attempt to minimize our constitutional rights. Advocating for individuals, families and small business within St. Charles County rather than special interest groups.

• • •

As a family law advocate by trade, I assist Missourians during their most trying times while fighting for their interests and needs. I led the conservative charge as president of two Republican/conservative organizations prior to becoming an advocate for the people. My experience with small business owners has given me the information on how regulatory reform is needed. As a constitutional scholar, I see how important it is for someone to stand up against governmental overreach. We need an advocate for “we the people,” rather than career politicians milking money from special interest groups.

• Rick Lucas [R]


• Ed Shew [D]
Missouri’s economic and job growth are priorities. Therefore, we must fully fund our schools: pre-school, K-12, higher education and vocational education. The best economic development tool is investing in education. Likewise, affordable health care and saying no to right-to-work laws are vital actions for a strong workforce. Also, I will work to restore faith in our political system and get money out of politics by limiting campaign contributions and lobbyists’ gifts. In addition, we must ensure that business corporations share their success with their employees, and the super wealthy need to pay their fair share to fund infrastructure and education.

• • •

As a first-time candidate for public office, I bring new ideas and a different approach to serving Missourians. The “It’s my way or the highway” mindset must go. Constant partisan bickering must stop. Let’s bring back cooperation and compromise to the political process. With honesty, a willingness to talk about the challenges affecting our state and a compassion about people’s needs we can restore confidence in our state government. I also pledge to fight for laws limiting campaign contributions and lobbyists’ gifts enabling decision-making to be based upon what is best for the common good rather than special interests.

• Justin Hill [R]
My priorities are to defend Missouri against federal policies that undermine our economic growth and the safety and security of our state and its citizens.  Protect Missouri during the unraveling of Obamacare and promote a free market replacement of our health insurance industry that is truly affordable. Reduce the property tax burden on seniors that is levied by local taxing districts.

• • •

I am an employee benefits consultant and know the risk fellow business owners take in an effort to build economic growth in our community and provide for their families. I also know how the government regulates businesses to death to the point where it kills the incentive to create and innovate. In my first two sessions as representative I have never voted for a tax increase and feverishly worked to kill legislation that threatens economic opportunity.

• Jeff Schwentker [R]
As your state representative, I will be working for the people with my top priorities being to work to educate the public on the heroin epidemic facing us, keeping families safe. Work to make economic growth for the state by encouraging businesses to locate and expand in Missouri. Which in return will create more jobs. Work as your voice that echoes your concerns of things facing this state – voice that matters, a voice that cares.

• • •

I have served on the O’Fallon City Council for over a decade. During that time I have played a very active role in making O’Fallon one of the safest cities in Missouri in which to raise children, work and play. With those things in mind I will work hard for Wentzville, Lake Saint Louis, Dardenne Prairie and O’Fallon residents to bring their voices to Jefferson City. I have the experience to lead and the willingness to listen. If you share my vision, connect with me and together we will make a meaningful difference for our families, for our communities and for the future.

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