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Council approves U-Haul after improvements are promised

The St. Charles County Council voted 7-0 in favor of a new bill that will allow a U-Haul self-storage, truck rentals and sales facility near Interstate 64.

The vote came on June 13 after County Executive Steve Ehlmann vetoed a bill the council approved in May, saying the bill allowed an inappropriate commercial development in an area reserved for high technology development. He also said the proposed building was unattractive.

The council voted on the bill again after hearing that the developer had worked with the county to address Ehlmann’s and other objections. County Counsel Keith Hazelwood also drafted some indentures that would legally bind the developer to follow up on the improvements they agreed upon.

“What we have now is an attractive building with lots of landscaping that will be a good fit for that area,” said County Councilmember Joe Cronin [District 2], who is also chairman of the council.

The rezoning and conditional use permit also had been opposed by some nearby residents and the city of Lake Saint Louis.

The 3.6-acre site is on the north side of the South Outer Road of I-64 and the south side of Hawk Ridge Trail at I-64. The property already is zoned general commercial; however, the zoning change adds a conditional use permit to allow the U-Haul facility. The owners of the proposed facility are Gerald and Glennon Keeven.

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