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St. Peters- Parking places for veterans considered

St. Peters may designate special parking for wounded veterans at city facilities and parks, and designate a day in March to recognize Vietnam veterans.

The city’s Board of Aldermen approved a motion to designate special “Purple Heart Wounded” parking spaces for combat wounded veterans at city hall and the city’s Rec Plex off Mexico Road, as well as at other city facilities and parks.

Alderman Terri Violet [Ward 3], who sponsored the measure, was joined by other aldermen at a May 26 work session, who supported it. Violet asked that three parking spaces – one at city hall, the Rec-Plex and the city’s War Memorial – be set aside initially. Other spaces could be added later, particularly at the city’s 370 Park and other park facilities.

Each space would be painted purple and have a special sign with a Purple Heart logo indicating that it is set aside for combat wounded veterans.

Alderman Michael Shea [Ward 3] asked Violet how much the spaces would cost and how the city would enforce the space. Violet said the signs may be donated and the costs for paint would be low.

Alderman Judy Bateman [Ward 2] said the city probably won’t have an enforcement problem. “I don’t see people abusing this,” she said. Shea, however, said some people may and it may prompt a call for more special parking spaces for others, including expectant mothers.

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