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Predicting a Trump presidency

To the Editor:

On July 20, 2015, I stated, based on my observations of public reaction, that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president. Most people did not believe that to be realistic.

In October, I stated, based on further observations, not only would Trump be the nominee, but he will go on to win the presidency in a Reagan-style landslide. That is when some people started calling me a nut.

Step one is accomplished. Trump is the nominee. Despite media bias, despite conservative prejudice, despite liberal prejudice, despite objective doubts about the man, I still believe step two also will be accomplished by Mr. Trump in November.

Let me be clear, Donald Trump is an autocrat. But, so too is the presumptive Democrat nominee.

If the public must have an autocrat as the next president, I would rather have one who intends to increase America’s wealth rather than one whose policies will continue to dissipate America’s wealth.

Money is redistributed in one of two ways:

1. Created wealth is redistributed into the economy through wages and salaries.

2. Existing wealth is handed out based on a political formula.

Donald Trump believes in wages, salaries and the dignity that engenders.

Hillary Clinton represents a thought process which is fairly new in America but is taking root. She and the Democrat Party believe people get “their allowance” from the government whether they have worked or not. Bernie Sanders supporters are a prime example of this. Dignity is not an issue.

Larger paychecks will solve most of America’s problems.

I encourage everyone to vote for wages, salaries and the dignity that engenders.

Lee A. Presser

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