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Promoting health care for all 

To the Editor: 

I believe in the United States Constitution when it says all persons are created equal.

In order to be truly equal, all persons in these United States should have health care. Other industrial nations have health care for all. Working people that make too much money for Medicaid, but not enough to get help through the Affordable Care Act to buy private health insurance, are currently not equal in Missouri.

Our state legislature continues to refuse to expand Medicaid to close this gap. I like to see maximum return of my federal tax dollars to Missouri, but this is not happening because of the refusal to accept 90 percent reimbursement of expanded Medicaid expenses.

Three years ago, the Republicans in Jefferson City said they wanted to “fix” Medicaid before they expanded it. Instead they have done nothing. If our state representatives and senators cannot find a way to accomplish health care for all, they should be replaced at the next election with people who can.

William Cramer

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