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Regarding a letter from Walt Gamache

To the Editor: 

I appreciate that you try to include dissenting opinions in your letters to the editor.

Regarding the lengthy letter from Mr. Walt Gamache [Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, April 6] in response to Thomas Sowell’s “Random Thoughts,” he wasted a lot of space with his tirade. Simply put, anyone who disagrees with him is uninformed, a racist and religious bigot, uneducated and not fit to be allowed to express their opinion or beliefs.

This in a nutshell is what is wrong with our country. The only freedom Mr. Gamache wants me to have is to agree with him or remain silent.

But I am informed and I vote and there are millions just like me.

Char Schultz

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To the Editor:

This guy [Walt Gamache, Letters to the Editor, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, April 6] should have half the I.Q of Thomas Sowell. Another far left whacko is amongst us.

Joe Dodson

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To the Editor:

Such vitriolic diatribes concerning Dr. Sowell and President Bush are nothing new from the left, so I will get to a more important point.

Walt Gamache, whether he is black or white, cannot speak for all African-Americans or anyone else concerning their thoughts, or any other process in their lives. Somehow though, he feels he is entitled to do so, based on what, I have no idea.

I thank you, Mr. Gamache, for giving the rest of us regular folks a peek into what you and others of your affiliation really think about African-American citizens.

Walt’s final statement speaking for how and what all African-American citizens are supposed to think and believe sounds like something straight from the office of lifelong Democrat Sen. Robert [KKK Kleagle] Byrd. Byrd vigorously opposed the integration of the military, and wrote in 1946 that the KKK was “needed today as never before.”

Let us not forget Secretary Hillary and President Bill Clinton’s praise for Sen. Byrd. Talk about blatant hypocrisy. They are the Clintons, though.

I digress.

Quoting Walt Gamache: “Your picture [Dr. Sowell] shows me that you are African-American, [you wouldn’t think it could get worse but it does] but your comments demonstrate to me that most of the public and African-Americans [apparently African- Americans aren’t included in “the public”] would think your beliefs are not those of an African-American person.” That statement is racist beyond belief, but, you have to consider the source.

Perhaps Dr. Sowell should apologize to Walt for being so uppity and not thinking and speaking in a way that Walt would approve. Shame on Dr. Sowell. Maybe in time and with counseling from Walt, Dr. Sowell will get his mind right, Boss.

This may be the party Mr. Gamache clings to: the party of Andrew Jackson and his solution to the Cherokee Nation, Woodrow Wilson making interracial marriage illegal and segregating the U.S. military in WWI, Franklin D. Roosevelt confiscating the private property of and imprisoning Japanese American citizens based strictly on their appearance, Lyndon B. Johnson … well, I cannot quote his comments concerning African American citizens, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine would not print them.

The GOP has Abraham Lincoln with the Union army eliminating the horrors of slavery and President Eisenhower sending 1,200 soldiers of the 101st First Airborne Division from Fort Campbell Kentucky to Little Rock Arkansas to protect black students and desegregate the public schools in the Democrat- controlled south.

One more thing, this is from CNN: “Most people don’t realize today, that in proportional terms, a far higher percentage of Republicans voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than did Democrats. More than 80 percent of Republicans in both houses voted in favor of the bill, compared with more than 60 percent of Democrats.”

And here’s a quote from Ohio Republican Rep. William McCulloch: “The Constitution doesn’t say that whites alone shall have our most basic rights, but that we all shall have them.”

Greg Dalay

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