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On ‘Diagnosing Obamacare’

To the Editor:

As I read this article [Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, April 6], I kept hoping for an honest, unbiased review of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, I found a one-sided, anecdotal, biased report.

I saw that the author of this report was a Susan E. Sagarra, I tried in vain to read somewhere in the piece about her. A quick check on the Internet told me she is an author, researcher, etc., who most recently was the editor for a Missouri-based think-tank, the Show-Me Institute. Ms. Sagarra refers to this group for much of her information.

On further research, I found that this self-proclaimed “nonpartisan” think-tank is in fact led by wealthy conservatives and Republican campaign staffers. It was founded in 2005 by billionaire right-wing political donor, Rex Sinquefield.

As a new resident of the area, I have read many of your articles and been happy to learn about my new area’s attractions and people. However, I was dismayed that the main editorial is always the one by Thomas Sowell, a well known ultraconservative writer. I was saddened to see that a purported news analysis article was of the same ilk.

Please realize that your readers are looking for sensible discussions about important issues and not for the standard either “conservative” or “liberal” viewpoints.

Carolyn Harris

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