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Election results for St. Charles County

April 5 came and went, bringing new blood into several positions across St. Charles County.

Fire and EMS

The Lake St. Louis Fire Protection District had two seats up for grabs on its Board of Directors, one for an unexpired two-year term, and one for a full five years. Incumbent Richard Thurwachter won the two-year seat with 53.94 percent of the votes. Michael Crowell took the five-year seat with 52.87 percent of votes.

“Obviously I’m excited, [it’s] time to start rolling up our sleeves and get to work on some of the changes and things that need to happen for our fire district,” Crowell said. “We’re just running on fumes when it comes to our equipment and our budget.”

Also in the world of emergency services, Raymond Bauer received 79.60 percent of the votes for Board of Directors in the St. Charles Ambulance District.


In O’Fallon, incumbent Rick Lucas held onto the Ward 1 City Council seat with 46.95 percent of votes, beating runner-up and former City Councilmember Bill Gardner by only 57 votes.

The Ward 2 election led challenger Tom “Duke” Herweck to victory over incumbent Jim Pepper, who had held the position for several terms previously.

Incumbent Jeff Schwentker had nearly double the votes over runner-up Greg Fisher in O’Fallon’s Ward 4 race, and Ward 5 Councilmember Debbie Cook held her seat with 59.11 percent of the votes. Ward 3’s Rick Battelle ran and won uncontested.

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St. Peters
St. Peter’s longtime mayor, incumbent Len Pagano, held his office with 58.09 percent of the votes coming his way. His challenger, Ron Hicks, received 41.77 percent of the 8,240 votes.

“I’m very pleased, it was a very strong endorsement from the people of St. Peters,” Pagano said.

Pagano said he was looking forward to tackling several projects in his new term as mayor, including completing the Lakeside 370 Business Park and evaluating the need for senior housing, something Pagano said St. Peters is receiving a high demand for.

“I’m going to revisit it, because we’re starting to get a lot of requests,” Pagano said. “We don’t have that much development left to take place.”

St. Peter’s Ward 1, 2, 3 and 4 races were all uncontested, and candidates John Reitmeyer, Jerry Hollingsworth, Michael Shea and Patrick Barclay won their respective seats.


The Ward 2 race in Cottleville resulted in incumbent Donald Buchheit winning with 50.41 percent of the votes. Ward 1’s incumbent Marie Mannino ran and won unopposed. In Ward 2, Donald Buchheit was victorious, holding 59.41 percent of the votes.

Lake Saint Louis

The Ward 1 Aldermanic race resulted with incumbent Gary Torlina winning 64.58 percent of the votes. His ward 2 and 3 colleagues, incumbents Karen Vennard and Jason Law, respectively, ran and won unopposed.

Dardenne Prairie

David Zucker is the next mayor of Dardenne Prairie, filling an unexpired term and running unopposed. Dave Wandling in Ward 1 and Dan Koch in Ward 3 ran unopposed as well, and in Ward 2, incumbent Doug Santos won with 60.10 percent of the votes.

Weldon Spring

Two of Weldon Spring’s three open Board of Aldermen seats were won in uncontested races. Bruce Robb took the Ward 1 seat on the board, and William Kohrs won the Ward 3 seat. The Ward 2 race went to Don Schwaab, who took home 87.85 percent of votes.

Prop B

Proposition B allows municipalities to apply and collect the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers boats and outboard motors that were purchased from a source other than a licensed Missouri dealer, and was passed in O’Fallon, St. Peters, Cottleville, Lake Saint Louis and Dardenne Prairie.

“I was very impressed with not only the residents of St. Peters, but the entire county, that voted yes very strongly,” Pagano said. “It was outstanding.”

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