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Time to reverse voter apathy

To the Editor:

There has been a lot of commentary in recent months about congressional term limits.

I have mixed feeling about this subject. I am not concerned about who spends four to eight years residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I am more concerned that career politicians are spending 30-plus years on Capitol Hill. This is too long.

As I stated earlier, I have mixed feeling on term-limits. I feel the best solution is for all eligible voters to exercise there right to vote. Far too many people have the opinion that their vote does not count. I blame the electoral college for this way of thinking.

The electoral college is an outdated system. In this day of instant communication, the popular vote can be counted and reported very quickly. I would not be so against this method if the electoral votes were divided as a percentage and awarded accordingly. Giving a presidential candidate all of the electoral votes in a state for a simple majority is not the will of the voters.

Voter apathy is a real problem in this nation. I urge all eligible voters to educate themselves on the candidates and the issues and get to the polls at every election and not let a few decide what is best for all.

Ted Kaimann

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