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The heart of P’sghetti’s – unique flavors, low prices, sweet sandwich deals

The Brannan family is waiting to serve you at any of its three P’sghetti’s locations.

The Brannan family is waiting to serve you at any of its three P’sghetti’s locations.

Started by Bill and Colleen Brannan in 1987, P’sghetti’s has been a staple in many St. Louisans’ diets since it opened as a mom and pop shop in South St. Louis County.

Last year the Brannans made an expansion out to St. Charles County, bringing their one-of-a-kind culinary offerings and family camaraderie with them.

Among the restaurant’s claims to fame are its sweet bread and red meat sauce, both of which are homemade and serve as outstanding deviations from standard sandwich and pasta fare. The bread is baked fresh every morning, and cooks brew the signature sauce from scratch every day as well, ensuring maximum quality and flavor.

The bread, which is used in P’sghetti’s sandwiches, almost defies description. It gives every bite a sweet dash of flavor so unique that you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

In addition to the sauce and bread, P’sghetti’s also prepares its salads daily to ensure maximum freshness. And many of the items on the menu at P’sghetti’s come from local sources, which boosts flavors tenfold in any meal.

“We try to keep as many things local and fresh as possible,” said Michael Brannan, Bill and Colleen’s son.

Michael isn’t the only Brannan working in the family business. Three of his sisters and two brothers-in-law help make P’sghetti’s run like a well-oiled, sandwich-making machine.

“No matter which store you go in, you’re going to see someone from the family,” Michael said.

Treating employees as part of the family also is an important part of the P’sghetti’s business model. “You just treat people the way they deserve to be treated, and they take care of you,” Michael said. “We’re very blessed with the people we have.”

That family focus has carried over to the customer service side of P’sghetti’s, according to Michael.

“When families are trying to eat together, when you don’t have time to cook, we’re that alternative for them, and still give the families a decent meal, especially for the price,” Brannan said. Low price  is a point of pride for P’sghetti’s, with various options available to fit any budget or appetite.

But coming to an actual P’sghetti’s location to get its mouthwatering sandwiches and pasta may not be necessary as the restaurant offers a full catering menu, which feeds anywhere from one to 1,000 hungry customers. It’s a perfect way to get an amazing meal served on the spot for graduation parties, birthday parties and other celebrations or events.

P’sghetti’s cooks can even mold sandwiches into various designs, from a “2016” shaped-sandwich to one shaped like a submarine. Recently, P’sghetti’s also rolled out a premier catering menu, complete with a brand new and exclusive menu, which is perfect for weddings and corporate events.

However you get it, a big, hearty meal is something you’re guaranteed from P’sghetti’s.

“Large portions for inexpensive prices,” said Michael. “We don’t want you to ever leave hungry when you leave our stores.”

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