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Giving workers a voice

To the Editor:

State Sen. Bob Onder deserves credit for standing up for workers and Missouri taxpayers by supporting Senate Bill 806, which would make vital reforms to Missouri’s government unions.

Sen. Onder is the chief sponsor in the Senate of this legislation to give workers choice and make unions more accountable to the people they represent. With his leadership, the legislation is advancing in the Senate, recently passing a key committee on which he serves.

Why is this legislation important?

First, union members should not be silenced. This reform gives government union members a voice by requiring regular elections of unions. If a union is meeting the needs of its members, then they have nothing to fear from giving workers the opportunity to voice their support with a vote.

Second, accountability is lacking in many sections of our government. The rapid growth in government union membership presents the Missouri legislature with a timely opportunity to pass significant reform. Senate Bill 806 holds government unions accountable to their members and to taxpayers by requiring them to make available information on union expenses, like private sector unions already do, and limits the length of time a labor union agreement can be in effect.

I encourage you to thank Sen. Onder for his leadership on this issue and for supporting Senate Bill 806.

Gregg Keller 

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