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Two long-time employees recognized by Dardenne Prairie

Dardene brief

Jeff Amelong (left) and Kim Clark (right)

The city of Dardenne Prairie has honored two long-time employees – one of whom is one of the city’s founding fathers.

Mayor David Zucker, who said he had “a happy task” at the city’s Board of Aldermen meeting on March 2, presented awards to two city employees who have worked for the city for 10 years. The city has only seven full-time employees who work at city hall at 2032 Henke Road.

Jeff Amelong remembers when that city was a village and when its population was much smaller. The 2000 U.S. Census placed the city’s population at 4.384. The city became a fourth-class city in 1981. Its population is now estimated at around 12,000.

Amelong served more than 20 years as chairman of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission and has worked for the city since 2006 as the city’s code enforcement officer and building inspector.

“Jeff has been an employee for 10 years and he was one of the founders of Dardenne Prairie in 1981,” Zucker told aldermen at their March 2 meeting. “In fact, the papers of incorporation were drawn up on his kitchen table.”

Zucker said Amelong “is rock solid and an extremely valuable member of our team.”

Amelong said, “As long as I can keep making it up and down the stairs” he’ll keep working.

“I love the city, it’s been like raising a child for me,” he said

The second city employee recognized, City Clerk and Treasurer Kim Clark, was also lauded by Zucker.

“I think the truth is that she is the de facto city administrator,” Zucker said. “She knows where everything is, remembers everything and keeps everybody on their toes.”

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