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On the Ballot: School Board candidates

Four Francis Howell School District citizens are vying for two seats on the Board of Education in the April 5 election. The three-year terms of Dr. Cynthia Bice and Amy McEvoy will expire in April 2016.
In ballot order, the school board candidates are Michelle Walker, Kimberlyann Granger,  Cynthia Bice [I] and Mike Hoehn.

In the Fort Zumwalt School District, four candidates also are vying for two open seats. In ballot order, they are Arnie C. Dienoff, Genelle Speed-Hale, Scott Alan Grasser and Mike Swaringim.

Voters in the Fort Zumwalt District also will be asked to vote on Proposition K, which asks voters to authorize an increase in the district’s operating tax levy by $0.48 per $100 of assessed valuation.

In the Wentzville School District, three candidates are vying for a one-year open seat and four are vying for two three-year seats. Kurtis Daniels, Damien Pisciotta and Lezlie Stephens hope to be elected to the one-year term; while Saundra “Sandy” Garber, Jennifer Simpson, Jackson Thompson and Betsy Bates are seeking the four-year seats.

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