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Flooding leaves park damage in its wake

IMG_1155The floodwater of Dardenne Creek has dropped since December, but it left some damage behind.

Some of that damage involves a brick overlook on the western end of a 15-acre lake along the Dardenne Greenway and trail in the 80-acre BaratHaven Park in Dardenne Prairie. The 50-foot wide, curved overlook is just off a greenway trail and allows onlookers to sit on benches and observe activities and wildlife around the lake.

Floodwater damaged about half of the curved portion of the overlook wall on the shore of the lake. Much of the brickwork has been torn away – undermined by water that pushed out stacked bricks, many of which ended up underwater in the lake.

To repair the overlook, City Engineer Luke R. Kehoe said one option would be to remove the remaining curved portion of the damaged wall and rebuild it. A black aluminum fence could be added in front of the overlook. Those repairs could cost $15,000 to $20,000.

Whatever the cost, it will not be borne by the city. The greenway belongs to Great Rivers Greenway, a regional parks and trail district. The city is expected to submit its recommendation to the district, and Mayor Dave Zucker said the city could undertake the work and be reimbursed by Great Rivers Greenway.

About three miles of the trail wind along Dardenne Creek through residential areas adjacent to BaratHaven subdivision. The greenway also stretches from Cottleville’s Legacy and Vantage Parks near the Cottleville city hall to St. Charles Community College and then to Woodlands Sports Park and Jack Gettemeyer Park at Rabbit Run, where it connects with Dardenne Park in St. Peters.

Several projects along the trail are ongoing. Eventually the trail is expected to connect Dardenne Prairie, O’Fallon, Cottleville and St. Peters as well as portions of unincorporated parts of the county.

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