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Voter registration deadline nears for Missouri primary

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.53.44 AMMissouri residents have until Feb. 17 to register to vote if they want to cast a ballot in the Missouri’s March 15 presidential preference primary.

Residents of St. Louis County, can register at most city halls, libraries and schools in addition to Special School District facilities, local branches of the St. Louis Community College district, universities and colleges, as well as some businesses, union halls and churches.

State election laws also provide for registration by mail and at all county department of motor vehicle registration offices and state offices providing public assistance while conducting other official business at those establishments.

Residents of St. Charles County also can register when visiting state agencies, such as the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles or the Division of Family Services, as well as by visiting the county election authority between 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The county’s election authority office is located at 397 Turner Boulevard in St. Peters. It will be closed on Monday, Feb. 15 for the President’s Day holiday.

The state’s voter registration form, available on the Secretary of State’s website, can be mailed to the local election authority.

Voter Registration Application

For more information, contact the following:

St. Charles County Election Authority: (636) 949-7550.

St. Louis County Election Board: (314) 615-1800.

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