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Lake Saint Louis closer to developing new park on 38-acre tract

Lake Saint Louis may be closer to developing approximately 38 acres of landlocked property into a new city park that could include a trail and public access to St. Charles County’s Quail Ridge Park.

The city’s Board of Aldermen and McBride & Son Homes, Inc. had previously agreed to an annexation agreement on 102 acres near Hwy. K, east of Duello Road. The board approved a bill accepting the voluntary annexation of the property at its Jan. 19 meeting.

The agreement would allow McBride to voluntarily annex the property into the city and establish how it would be developed.

McBride has made an offer to 2Rivers Church to buy the property, which is adjacent to Heritage of Hawk Ridge subdivision. McBride plans to build 283 homes on the property. The annexation also would allow the city to access the park land, which is now surrounded by private property.

City Administrator Paul Markworth said last week that McBride is expected to present a preliminary plat for the development to the city’s planning and zoning commission at its Feb. 4 meeting. The commission’s recommendations then would go to the city’s board of aldermen for a final decision.

With the sale of the property, McBride would provide a parking lot and restroom facility at the border of its proposed development and the city’s now- isolated park property. Markworth said the city wants to develop its 38 acres as a “passive park” that features walking trails.

But the property also abuts other park land and areas along Peruque Creek, which flows into the main community lake. Markworth said the city would work closely with the Lake Saint Louis Community Association, which controls private amenities in the lakeside community and property along the creek, to provide access to property under the association’s control.

Access along the creek also may be available from property owner Jeremy Malensky, a developer of 20 new homes on 19 acres near the Oak Bluff Preserve subdivision, Markworth said. The city approved the controversial rezoning which allowed those homes last year.

A trail network could conceivably link the mainly wooded, undeveloped land along the creek to the county’s Quail Ridge Park, which also has frontage on the creek, according to Markworth. There still are two pieces of private property where the city would have to acquire access before the trail could become a reality, he said.

Meanwhile, Markworth said the annexation agreement addresses some of the concerns of Heritage of Hawk Ridge residents, who came before aldermen in November with worries about the impact of McBride’s proposed development. Residents, particularly those living adjacent to the 102 acres, said they were worried about the loss of trees.

The agreement stipulates that McBride would provide a six-foot buffer where their property abuts that of current residents, and would plant two trees on every lot they are developing, Markworth said.

Some residents indicated they are in favor of the agreement because, if the property were not annexed, it might be developed under less stringent St. Charles County standards.


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