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Viewpoints and politics

To the Editor: 

I am writing in support of Pete Noonan, whose letter to the editor in the Jan. 13 issue of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine asked why columnists with other viewpoints can’t be offered in your paper.

Not only is Thomas Sowell predictable, as Noonan states, but his writing style is sophomoric, with much hyperbole and unsupported statements. In the same issue you also featured a lengthy interview with Charles Krauthammer. Although Mr. Krauthammer is a better writer than Sowell, he too is predictably conservative and opposed to anything associated with President Obama or the Democratic Party.

Would the editors of Mid Rivers Newsmagazine consider occasionally running a columnist offering a more moderate or progressive viewpoint? Or better yet, confine your opinion page to county and state politics, which is more appropriate for a local periodical.

John Kamerud

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To the Editor:

Anyone who may be interested in politics, debates and any upcoming election(s) is intelligent enough to find sources that support their feelings and beliefs through one of our many media outlets. I personally resent any political propaganda in my community newsmagazine.

It’s well known that the Post-Dispatch is a liberal newspaper as the Globe Democrat was a conservative newspaper in its day. If you prefer not to read any one-sided views you simply don’t buy the Post- Dispatch or watch Fox News. However, even the Post-Dispatch is more subtle in its views than Thomas Sowell.

Now, we are introduced to an exclusive Q&A with Charles Krauthammer, whose conservative views are frequently published in the Post-Dispatch. I’d rather read a Q&A with “The Donald;” at least he is entertaining.

While the right wing must enjoy your biased articles, I would think the left wing is astonished that a community newsmagazine would try to influence its readers one way or the other.

Pat Maassen

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