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Walmart set to open two ‘neighborhood markets’ in St. Peters


Shane Jordan

Shane Jordan noted that there will be something unique about the first Walmart “Neighborhood Markets” opening in St. Peters on Jan. 27 – something maybe a bit out of character with a shopping concept that stresses convenience.

“We have caviar,” said Jordan, who is the manager of the store at 45 Sutters Mill Road, one of two stores opening.  The other store is at 3031 Mid Rivers Mall Drive. “I’ve never seen that in a superstore.”

But caviar may be one of the few anomalies amidst the Arkansas-based chain’s plans for the “small-format stores.”  Jordan said the stores will feature basic food items that will allow shoppers to come in and get their shopping done quickly and easily.

“The feedback I’m getting from the community is that the majority of people are really excited about this,” Jordan said, while conducting a short tour of the store on Jan. 21. “They are looking forward to a convenient shopping experience – to get in and get out.”

Aisles were already filled and refrigeration cases full of goods Jan. 21 as final stocking continued. Signage remained to be done as well as work on the meat desk.

The market will feature a full-line of groceries along with pet supplies, beauty items, limited household items and a full-service drive-up pharmacy.  The stores will feature smoked meats and a pizza counter where people can call in orders and pick up fresh-baked pizzas. The Mid-Rivers store will have a gas station.

The stores will open at 8 a.m. on Jan. 27 after opening ceremonies at 7:30 a.m. They will be open 24 hours, 364 days a year – closed only on Christmas day.

But the markets will not have other items associated with a full-sized Walmart store.

“I don’t need a futon or underwear,” Jordan said.

That’s because the 41,000 square-foot stores are only a fraction of the size of a regular nearly 200,000-square-foot Walmart store. The two stores will have much the same grocery line as Walmart superstores, but are a bit smaller than most competing super markets.

The two stores are also the first of the neighborhood market stores in the St. Louis area. Now, there are 11 similar stores elsewhere in Missouri and 640 nationwide. The stores are expected to provide about 200 jobs.

Meanwhile, the stores are opening after Walmart announced 269 stores worldwide, and 154 in the United States, were closing.  Jordan said he the neighborhood markets were a new concept for the area.


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