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Some county administrative departments to undergo change in 2016

Some St. Charles County administrative departments are going to have new names and new functions in 2016.

The county’s Office of Public Information is expected to become the new Department of Communications, the Department of Workforce Development will become the Department of Workforce and Business Development and the Department of Community Health and Environment will be known as the Department of Public Health. The county may also restructure the management of the Family Arena.

The changes were included in a bill introduced at the St. Charles County Council meeting on Dec. 7.  The departments are under the authority of County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

The new Department of Communications will not only be responsible for coordinating a number of community relations, public information and social media activities, but also will direct internal printing and copying services, switchboard and video production activities.

Colene McEntee is the county’s current communication’s manager. A new director of the Department of Communications will be appointed by Ehlmann and approved by the council.

The new Department of Workforce and Business will operate job-training programs and services and help people find employment. The department also will work with business clients with finding qualified workers and help with economic development. The county hired Scott Drachnik in August as the county’s director of workforce development with the added duties of working to attract new business development to the county.

The county’s new Department of Public Health will have all the duties of the Department of Community Health and Environment, but will have an assistant director and a director of a division of health services and environmental services.

The bill also establishes a division for the Family Arena that includes an operations manager.

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