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Regarding Thomas Sowell

To the Editor:

Are there other columnists available to your publication that can offer additional perspectives on political and social topics effecting our daily lives?

Page 3 of your publication, a.k.a. Thomas Sowell, is both predictable and repetitive. I understand he is offering his conservative viewpoints on the current administration and disagrees with anything labeled Obama, so just get over it. The problem is the negativity in his writings detracts from any real discourse that a more balanced approach could encourage.

The Republican debates have been a huge success and offer up a number of topics that the party needs to resolve. Frankly, the developing Republican story lines regarding immigration, spending, homeland security, Middle East strategy coming out of these debates need to be explored and developed.

Pete Noonan

To the Editor:

A sincere thank you. I appreciate a voice of reason and a touch of reality from your magazine/paper.I so wish it was something I could receive every day. Until that happens I will continue to getting it on your schedule. Thomas Sowell should be the voice of America.

Betty Asher

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