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Dardenne Prairie Board of Aldermen approves Fiscal Year 2016 budget

The city of Dardenne Prairie’s Board of Aldermen voted 5-0 at its Dec. 2 meeting to approve a $2.77 million budget for 2016 that includes paying for a long list of capital improvement projects, which range from relocating trails to street repairs to sidewalk construction.

The city’s next fiscal year begins Jan. 1.

Alderman Elliott Stipes (Ward 1) was absent for the vote.

The city plans to spend $894,000 for seven major projects, with $314,649 of that total coming from reserves. Those major projects include relocating a portion of and making repairs to Barathaven Trail, estimated at $158,000; followed by $150,000 for additional road maintenance and repair under a contract with St. Charles County; $145,000 for the Pierside to Winghaven Boulevard sidewalk; and $120,000 to replace road expansion joints.

Other capital improvement expenditures in the budget include $94,000 for Dardenne Meadows subdivision street repairs, $84,000 for Dardenne Acres subdivision street repairs, $83,000 for Americans with Disabilities Act sidewalk ramp replacements, $30,000 for a Weldon Spring Road sidewalk project, and $30,000 for work on city ball fields.

The city anticipates $3.35 million in revenue next year, along with $2.77 million in expenditures, and $579,351 in surplus funds.

The city’s $1.86 million in general fund expenditures includes $601,000 in staff salaries, $129,690 for engineering, $120,000 for legal, $105,000 for planning, $91,210 for city hall and park overhead, $54, 954 for municipal court, $65,500 for parks and recreation activities, and $40,720 for the city’s youth sports league and ball park.

Another major expenditure is $312,674 for the city’s contract with the St. Charles County Police Department to provide police protection. The city has plans to spend $250,000 for road maintenance by the county.

The city’s $2.05 million in general fund revenue comes from two main sources, the city’s 1 percent general sales tax and property taxes. The budget projects $1.12 million in sales tax revenue and $291,776 in revenue from property taxes. Other sources of revenue expected next year include $240,000 from municipal court fines, $118,000 in franchise fees and 112,875 in permits and fees.

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