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Free small electronics recycling offered

In 1990, St. Charles County opened its first Recycle Works facility to help citizens’ efforts to preserve its community and natural resources. Today, with two facilities, the county is celebrating the program’s 25th anniversary.

“When we initiated the program 25 years ago, recycling was little more than an ideology,” Division of Environmental Health and Protection Director Ryan Tilley stated. “Now, the practice is almost second nature to most residents. We’re proud that we’ve helped improve our community through the collection of more than 40 million pounds of recyclable material since 1990.”

To recognize the progress of the program, the department will offer free small electronics recycling for St. Charles County residents who visit Recycle Works Central or Recycle Works West on Saturday, Dec. 26 between 9 a.m.-4 p.m. This collection is limited solely to small electronic material. Large appliances will not be accepted during this special collection. For more information, residents can call (636) 949-1800.

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