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An insidious reality

To the Editor:

The most dangerous things to our republic are not guns or ideologies, but rather the slow and relentless corruption of the meaning of the words we use in our everyday language. For example, the word “entitlement” for years has meant the right to demand or receive; as in “his labors entitle him to his wages.” This word has been bastardized over time to give cover to something arbitrarily granted in exchange for something of little or no value. It was an honest word that has become a false word seeking validation.

The systematic attack on our language, the meaning of our words is no less than an attack on the fundamental philosophies and concepts upon which this great nation rests.

Political correctness is yet another banner under which a number of assaults on our culture or Christian beliefs take place. Let us, the American people, define our own words, our own traditions and our own culture and not the self-serving smug politicians.

William E. Quinn

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