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For Thomas Sowell

To the Editor: 

Your column in this week’s Mid Rivers Newsmagazine (Oct. 18) gave me cause to write you.

I feel that you have spent much of your career establishing your credentials as a conservative. It seems that you have been accepted into a world of like-minded people. You have found a place that trades truth for manipulation. The issues of personal and constitutional rights are at stake. It is time for you to face the truth and argue for the common people.

The majority of U.S. citizens have been forced into poverty and stripped of their rights. You can no longer aid the forces that are perpetuating this travesty. Your conscience has been sedated longer than you can afford. Your talent is not to drive people apart. It is to unite them for the chance to survive. You have the expertise to use the written word in a productive and beneficial manner.

We, the people, need a hero. Someone who knows the reality of our fallen system. You know how the imbalance of power has changed the rights of our citizens. You have made your way in the world and proven that you are worthy of challenge. It only takes the belief in yourself. Look inside and find the real wealth … fighting for real values.

I am counting on you.

Gerard Campione

To the Editor:

Thank you, Thomas Sowell, for speaking the truth about gun control issues (“The Gun Control Farce,” By Thomas Sowell, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, Oct. 21). Don’t you wish more people would just practice “common sense” critical thinking! How hard is it to understand that if you take all the guns from the Good Guys, the only guns left out there will be in the hands of law enforcement officers and, of course, the Bad Guys. And there seem to be far more Bad Guys out there than law enforcement folks. I guess it boils down to who do we want to have the upper hand? I nominate the Good Guys!

Candy Boyle

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