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Aldermen back away from some oversight measures in Dardenne Prairie

A bit of the new approach at city hall in Dardenne Prairie may have already gone by the wayside.

The city’s Board of Aldermen passed a resolution at its Oct. 7 meeting eliminating five board subcommittees that were established to review city functions and report back to the board.

The board had adopted resolutions establishing each of the subcommittees on May 6, when six new board members were seated. Those subcommittees, along with other actions approved by the board, were at least in some measure a statement to the city’s then longtime Mayor Pam Fogarty, who resigned two days later.
In May, the board passed five resolutions establishing the subcommittees and designating specific aldermen as chairs. Alderman Doug Santos (Ward 2) chaired a public safety subcommittee to oversee law enforcement issues. Alderman Blake Nay (Ward 2) chaired a communications subcommittee to look at the how the city can effectively communicate with residents. Then alderman and now Mayor David Zucker was to chair a public works subcommittee. Alderman Dan Koch (Ward 3) chaired a parks and recreation subcommittee and Alderman John Gotway (Ward 3) chaired an information and technology subcommittee.

According to the resolution adopted Oct. 7, the board has “concluded that under present circumstances these five subcommittees are not needed at this time.”

The resolution also observed that the board, the mayor and city staff are “working together in a professional and collegial manner.”

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