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Vandalism reported in September

O’Fallon Police reported that 46 victims in O’Fallon’s Monticello subdivision were the targets of vandalism, with spray-painted graffiti discovered on their cars and garage doors in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 20.

Three male juveniles, ages 14 and 13, have been identified as the perpetrators of the vandalism. According to a statement released by O’Fallon Police, one of the juveniles was staying at a relative’s house in the Monticello subdivision, and the other two youths were spending the night with him. Two of the youths were taken into custody and the case was forwarded to St. Charles County Juvenile authorities.

O’Fallon Police Chief Roy Joachimstaler described the vandalism as “a number of obscene words, obscene symbols.”

“It wasn’t artistic,” he said. “It was malicious, and I might add, quite expensive for the homeowners to clean up.”

At the Sept. 24 O’Fallon City Council meeting, several of the councilmembers advised residents to look out for each others’ property. Councilmember John Haman (Ward 3) told those in attendance not to hesitate to call the police station if they spotted any more vandalism.

“The police cannot take care of these actions if the paint is already dry by the time they find out about it,” Haman said. “Let’s keep our eyes open for our neighbors and for ourselves and for our city.”

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