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The root cause of big government 

To the Editor:

No one among the political candidates is talking about the real issue that allows and promotes an overreaching government that threatens our liberty and our freedom. Everyone wants to talk about Planned Parenthood, government shutdowns (ha, ha), immigration, etc.

While those issues are important, they are just symptoms of a common illness. This sickness affects all aspects of big government and our society. It allows the government to be what it is today. All of us must join together to fight the root cause and stop worrying about the symptoms. Once the root cause is addressed, 98 percent of the other problems will just disappear. Yet, none of the candidates for office are even addressing the real issue.

The common enemy of freedom in this country is our paper currency. The government is no longer tied to the gold standard and now it can just print whatever money it needs, be as big as it wants, give away money it does not really have, and during this process it no longer needs taxpayer approval. Government officials create programs they cannot pay for, promise big entitlements that are not funded, give away millions to other countries, appropriate their own salaries, and then talk about bogus efforts (a.k.a. government shutdowns) to be responsible leaders of our country.

In case you didn’t know this, after entitlements and debt payments, the entire government, every piece and parcel, is run from debt – trillions of dollars. Shut the whole thing down and we are still in debt!

Does anyone take these politicians seriously?

Study history. Our forefathers argued over this sort of central bank and government debt. Thomas Jefferson knew the evils that would occur and fought Alexander Hamilton over these issues.

In 1913, with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, our country left true free market capitalism and started a benign form of socialism that has grown in scope to what it is today. What happened next was the Great Recession (a result of the new banking system), and a bigger step toward socialism. The banks became insured by the government (a.k.a. the taxpayers) and the bailout roller coaster began.

Now the people vote for a president based on what he can do for their wallet. This was never intended by the founders of our nation, but it is a side effect of the currency fiasco.

Many freedom-loving people now sit back and say what a mess this country is in, and I agree. I encourage those who love liberty to stop chasing issues that will go away once we solve the real problem.

If we want to remain a free sovereign country, we have no choice. We have to slay the dragon. We must suspend all other efforts and causes. If we do not do this, then we are just kidding ourselves and nothing of lasting value will happen in this or any future election.

Jeffrey Waller


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