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Responding to ‘Wake up, Americans’

To the Editor:

I agree wholeheartedly in principle with Mr. Hill’s letter in the Sept. 16  issue of West Newsmagazine, expressing a wish for this country to return to its earlier values. But I’m afraid that we’re too late.

Our liberties and strengths as a nation have long since been compromised. What hope remains is with our voting. Vote very carefully.

I do, however, uestion Mr. Hill’s references to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address as the goals to which we should aspire, and its use as the outline for his letter.  The address was a politician’s doublespeak, hinting strongly at socialism (Karl Marx was an ardent supporter. Castro, Stalin and Hitler later heaped  their praises on Lincoln) and longing for the “survival” of a nation that would be under his Whig philosophy. It was Lincoln’s administration that ironically represents the beginning of the very changes in America – the “divide and conquer” – which Mr. Hill laments. I recommend reading “The Real Lincoln” by Prof. Thomas J. DiLorenzo and I’d suggest to Mr. Hill that he might have instead used Madison, Jefferson, Paine, etc. to make his point.

I totally agree with Mr. Hill’s learned reference to economics as a Civil War (sic) cause. We could add politics and sectionalism. But I would like to meet with him over coffee to have him explain to me why he also believes one of those causes of war was a “desire to end slavery.” I’d be all ears.

Bob Arnold


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