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Chiller for sale in Dardenne Prairie

Looking for a chilling unit at a cut rate price.  The city of Dardenne Prairie has something that may be of interest.

The chiller is a leftover from Dardenne Prairie’s aborted attempt five years ago to install a solar-powered heating and cooling system atop city hall.  The unit – the size of two or three refrigerators and now gathering dust in a storage closet – is going on sale for a cut rate.

The city’s Board of Aldermen agreed on Sept. 16 to allow Mayor David Zucker to negotiate the sale of a 50 kilowatt Yazaki chiller unit that was bought as part of the proposed storage energy system but never installed.  The city paid $49,400 for the chiller in 2009 and Zucker is proposing selling it for $26,000.

The city spent $160,000 on the system that was partially built atop city hall before the then board pulled the plug on further spending in 2010.  The project had been strongly supported by former Mayor Pam Fogarty, and prompted controversy.

In a memorandum to the board, Zucker said the chiller was never installed and is “useless to the city.” A retail purchaser has not been located and the manufacturer will not take the chiller back or refund the purchase price, he told alderman.

Solar Panels Plus, another company that builds and supplies solar energy facilities, is willing to take the chiller on consignment with the expectation that a future customer will purchase it at a discount, the memo states. The board agreed to cut the price by half and shipping it off to the company will cost $1,000.  Zucker proposed the $26,000 price tag.

The city’s legal staff drafted a consignment contract, Zucker will negotiate a final contract and the city will ship the chiller and wait for a sale.  The city gets back the storage closet where the chiller sat and maybe some of their money back, Zucker said.

“We will try to recover as much as we can but hold little hope that we will come close to full price,” Zucker adds in the memo.

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