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Dempsey resigns

Missouri Senate President Pro Temp Tom Dempsey cited wanting to spend more time with his family in announcing that he plans to resign his 23rd-District seat to take a job in the private sector.

Lauren Hieger, a spokesperson for Dempsey, said on July 31 that Dempsey last day in office is Aug. 7.

“While holding this public trust has been one of the highest points of my life, it has come at a cost,” Dempsey states. “It has been said that time is like money: it can only be spent once, I have spent a lot of it away from those I love.”

Dempsey, 48, and his wife Molly have three children.  One daughter has graduated from college, another daughter is a junior at the University of Missouri and a son is a high school sophomore.

Dempsey was one year from leaving office because of term limits. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon can set a date for a special election for the remaining year of Dempsey’s term.  The primary for the next four-year term is in August 2016.Among the candidates said to be interested in the state are State Rep. Anne Zerr, R-65 District, Mark Parkinson, and businessman Bill Eigel, according to the Missouri Times, a publication that tracks Missouri politics.

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