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In response to ‘What if …’

To the Editor:

I read with great interest and dismay the lettre entitled “What if …” (“Letters to the Editor,” West Newsmagazine, July 22) and quite honestly I was confused and appalled.

First of all, I hope the intelligent readers of this publication – and I believe most are – stop and wonder where Mr. LaVanchy gets his facts. It certainly doesn’t come from where I looked that’s for sure. NRA? FOX? I’m not sure but I certainly would like to know so they can rectify this glaring error. More deaths by the notorious step ladder killer than guns? Hmmm.

My statistics showed the sinister step ladder takes out anywhere from 3,000 to 6,000 people a year. That is a large number to be sure. Couple that with the stairways that set out to kill people and we can add another 1,000. Not that I believe these two should be compared but it does make me think I should write my representative and see if we can get a ban on these items. Sorry, I digress.

The odd thing is that I also looked up murder rates attributed to guns; using the Bureau of Justice Statistics. In 2008, there were about 12,000 gun deaths (murder that is), with 8,000 from handguns and 4,000 with other types of guns. I am sure there are more up-to-date figures, but believe these are in fact statistics and not just a statement thrown out without any substantiation.

The appalling part of the editorial came with the assertion that if any of these devout Christians, you know, the ones that were doing a Bible study, would have been packing a piece, maybe only the accused would be lying in a pool of blood on a sanctuary floor … what? Doesn’t that go against what these beautiful people, these martyrs, were trying to avoid? Violence, hatred, racism. But that is only my opinion.

Remember when Jesus was in the Garden and they came to arrest him? Peter took a sword and chopped off an ear. What did Jesus do? High five Peter? No, he did not. Maybe, Mr. LaVanchy, you should research that incident.

Jeff Eklund

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