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Waiting on a moratorium

A formal moratorium on new development in much of Dardenne Prairie may have to wait for a month.

But the start of a community-wide discussion on the future of commercial and residential development of Dardenne Prairie is underway, said Mayor David Zucker.

The city’s Board of Aldermen delayed a decision at its July 15 meeting on whether to impose a moratorium on new development in the city’s “Uptown Zoning District” until after a public hearing in August.

A public hearing on the moratorium on July 8 before the city’s planning and zoning commission was postponed. That public hearing is scheduled before the commission at its Aug. 12 meeting, said City Clerk Kim Clark.

Clark said the board may not act on the moratorium until after the hearing and a recommendation from the commission. The moratorium would be on both accepting development proposals and issuing construction permits. The board’s next meeting after the commission’s meeting is Aug. 19.

The moratorium is part of a review of the city’s comprehensive plan announced in June. Zucker said the moratorium would offer a period for city residents to decide what kind of development they want in the community.

Within the city’s comprehensive plan is its uptown district, which includes portions of the city along Interstate 64, Hwy. 364 and Feise Road. A moratorium could be in effect until a review is finished, Zucker said.

City officials are expected to spend the next year gathering input from citizens, property owners, business owners, developers, real estate professionals and other authorities to help the planning and zoning commission and the board update the comprehensive plan. That update will include considering any changes to the city’s zoning classifications and building codes.

Zucker said on July 16 that awaiting action on the moratorium doesn’t mean the city can’t start gathering input.

“I’m going ahead with publicly held meetings,” Zucker said.

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