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City limits subdivision speeds

Drivers in the BaratHaven Subdivision in Dardenne Prairie are going to have to watch their speed and be ready to stop.

The city’s Board of Aldermen has approved establishing a speed limit of 25 mph and placing stop signs on subdivision streets within the city. The board took the action at its July 15 meeting.

Stop signs are expected to be installed at Toussaint Landing Drive at Toussaint Landing Court and Coulter Ridge Court, Henning Road at Toussaint Landing Drive, BaratHaven Boulevard at Riparian Drive and St. Madeleine Drive, St. Madeleine Drive at Trailhead Way, Burgundy Place, Sophie Drive, and St. Madeleine Court, and Riparian Drive at St. Madeleine Drive.

The 25 mph speed limit will be in effect on St. Madeleine Drive, Trailhead Way, Burgundy Place, Sophie Drive, Riparian Drive, Riparian Court, Toussaint Landing Drive, Toussaint Landing Court and Coalter Ridge Court.

In addition, the board agreed to a bill prohibiting parking on the east side of Dardenne Woods Drive, from its intersection with Feise Road north for 100 feet.

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