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What if …

To the Editor:

With every other rational person, I listened with great disappointment about the people murdered in the church in South Carolina. With even greater disappointment came the expected ramblings of Hillary Clinton grandstanding again about gun control and further gun restrictions on American citizens.

As a result of a few “crazies” anywhere, politicians want to get in front of the TV and proclaim that drastic measures should be taken to protect us all, if and only if the subject at hand is a political football.

What if this person who killed and injured the people in the church had instead used chemical fertilizers stolen from a farm, and some explosives obtained from a fireworks stand to create an explosion that killed everyone? Remember Oklahoma City? Fertilizer and fireworks are not political footballs, so what would Hillary do?

More people die in the home from falling down stairs or off of ladders than by firearms. Are there any politicians in front of the camera declaring that stairways on all two-story homes should be illegal and that all should have elevators? Should stepladders only be sold to people after they have taken a state-approved safety course, paid a registration fee, and had a background check to see if they ever have fallen off a ladder before?

What about senior citizens who are involved in simple automobile wrecks? Should all senior citizens then after, let’s say 65 years old, be required to taken an extra test to see if they are still qualified to operate an automobile?

Our Second Amendment rights to have and bear arms are there not only for We The People to be prepared to protect ourselves from crazies who would do us, our family, or our property harm, but those foreign and domestic enemies who would do us harm.

In South Carolina and Missouri, there are over 200,000 permits issued to citizens in each state to carry a concealed weapon. What if one of these people had a firearm legally concealed on them that day?  How many fewer people would have been killed or injured? But South Carolina law says that no firearms may be carried into a church. It is possible that one of the people in that church would have had a conceal and carry permit, but also likely that they not brought their firearm into church because they wanted to “obey the law.”

It is very sad to see this great loss, but it is extremely disappointing to see those taking advantage of the situation for their own (hopeful) gain.

Noel LaVanchy

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