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Support for ‘Pledge to our Republic’

To the Editor:

The article by Marjie Saiter (“Pledge to our Republic vs. Obamacare,” Letters to the Editor, Mid Rivers Newsmagazine, July 8) was terrific!

She stated very well the issues we are facing today. We need more people who feel this way and maybe we can start the process of undoing the damage that has/is being done to our Constitution and way of life.

Mark K. Buchheit

• • •

I just wanted to thank Margie Saiter for the great letter she wrote in the July 8 edition of your newsmagazine. She really said it all this time and I agree with her. The healthcare system in our country is hard to figure out and I believe it will get worse before it gets better. Thank you for your newsmagazine and for printing her letter.

Shirley Terschluse

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