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The Fireplace Mantel

snowmanOften, the fireplace mantel is the centerpiece of the home. To create a beautiful holiday mantel, Sarah Corrigan, co-owner of The White Hare home décor, gifts and florals shop, offered these tips.

“Start with a mirror over the mantel if you can,” Sarah said. “It’s the best option, because you get reflective properties instead of trying to match up your holiday color scheme to artwork.”

Attach a wreath to the mirror with a suction cup, or top it with a swag. Next, place something tall at one end of the mantel, such as a cone tree with decorative elements or a tree made from pine or twigs. On the other end, place tall candleholders, or use the same items at both ends.

“You always want balance,” Sarah said, “and chunkier, taller things are better.” Next, place garland across the mantle; if you have a wood mantel, cup hooks  or command hooks work well along the top to secure it. String the garland with lights, such as the battery-operated type sold at The White Hare. Then, add additional pine pieces that are longer, poking them in for the illusion of a fuller garland that cascades over the mantel.

Add more variety of stems with different lengths to achieve dimension – about four different kinds – and some ribbon, intertwining items so they look like they are growing together.

“It’s all about layering. The more layers you get, the better it’s going to look,” Sarah said. Then add ornaments, working large to small, and perhaps a focal point, such as some deer placed in front of the mirror. “And don’t forget your hearth,” Sarah said. “Maybe stack some trunks on one side, flip the top trunk open, and fill it with some of the same elements you used up top.” For more design inspiration, stop by The White Hare!

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