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Fire district receives new equipment

The Lake St. Louis Fire Protection District recently received delivery of 16 new self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBAs) to replace outdated units that were previously in service. According to a district press release, the Board of Directors approved the emergency purchase in April due to the lack of parts to repair the old equipment, cylinders that were hydrostatically expired and parts that failed on a regular basis causing life safety issues with the district’s firefighters.

The SCBAs were from the bid’s lowest compliant bidder, Leo M. Ellebracht Company, of Lake Saint Louis. In total, the district received the 16 SCBA units, three rapid intervention team packs and 19 spare bottles for just over $106,000. Two of the RIT packs were donated by the Leo M. Ellebracht Company. Lake Saint Louis crews are currently training with the new equipment and hope to place it into service this week.

The press release stated that Fire Chief Chris Fay was able to purchase the equipment on a lease/purchase agreement with the Leo M. Ellebracht Company.

Earlier in June, district crews assisted the Wentzville Fire District with a water rescue of four people and a dog trapped by floodwater in the Indian Camp Creek. During the rescue the 14’ Zodiac boat used in the operation suffered multiple tears and motor damage that placed the unit out of service. Fay is currently working with the insurance company to quickly repair the damage, according to the release.

The Lake St. Louis Fire District has the largest static water coverage and provides St. Charles County with assistance during both swift and static water rescues. The District is currently borrowing a boat from the Wentzville Fire District while repairs on the Zodiac are facilitated.

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