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Legendary food and service spells success at Spiro’s St. Charles

Steve Karagiannis, owner of Spiro’s St. Charles

Steve Karagiannis, owner of Spiro’s St. Charles

Keeping it fresh while holding true to tradition has made Spiro’s St. Charles a culinary landmark. It’s also a commitment owner Steve Karagiannis takes seriously.

“While we’re doing new things to the menu we don’t stray far from what made us famous. And that’s our steaks, service and prices,” Karagiannis said.

Spiro’s St. Charles has made a reputation for itself as a dining destination renowned for excellent tableside service and an eclectic menu where steaks, lamb and classic Greek dishes are signature items. Spiro’s’ famous Pepperloin, charbroiled beef tenderloin rolled in cracked pepper and olive oil, which is grilled to order and served in mustard cognac sauce, is one example of a longtime customer favorite. Rack of Lamb, that classic Greek meat, is another. Spiro’s’ chefs season and char-broil it to perfection and serve it with an onion, garlic and lemon relish.

But it’s not just the standards that take center stage. Karagiannis plans several new additions to the menu, which are designed to appeal to both the gourmet and gourmand and include Greek grilled specialties. Grilled meats are a time-honored method for preparing meats throughout the Mediterranean – a Greek tradition Spiro’s St. Charles intends to embrace.

“The flavor of Mediterranean-style barbecue is outstanding – there’s nothing else like it,” Karagiannis said. “Besides Mediterranean-style grilling, we’re planning on lots of seafood.”

Spiro’s current seafood roster of trout, salmon, tilapia and shrimp will expand to include additions with a strong Greek accent such as grilled octopus, shrimp saganki and Greek fisherman stew. All of those dishes will complement Spiro’s’ upcoming Mini-Greek Fest – a once-a-month event complete with music that Karagiannis calls, “my big fat mini Greek fest.”

Spiro’s’ steaks, lamb and Greek dishes share the menu with a well-balanced offering of pastas, pizza, and chicken, veal and pork entrees that have international influences, especially Italian.

The restaurant also offers catering menus that are as varied as the travels of Alexander the Great or Christopher Columbus.

“We mix it up,” said Edward Russo, Spiro’s catering chef, who oversees the restaurant’s in house banquets and catering for the Rams at Rams Park. “We just did a couple of different menus for them – Caribbean and an Indian menu. It’s an example of the menus we can do for anyone.”

Russo, a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate, first began working at Spiro’s as a bus boy before joining the military and later attending the CIA. He works closely with Karagiannis to bring new items to the menu, such as its new selection of craft cocktails.

Thirsty connoisseurs will want to try the Greek Mojito, a blend of Skinos, basil, lemon, sugar and club soda, or the Smoked Manhattan (rye, sweet vermouth and brandied cherries), which is prepared tableside.

“We smoke the glass by lighting a cherry wood plank and capturing the smoke inside the glass. We flip the glass over, fill it, garnish and serve,” said Russo.

Any of Spiro’s’ craft cocktails, beers or wines are a natural choice to enjoy on the torch-lit patio that’s open through the season for both drinks and al fresco dining. Inside, diners will enjoy the ambience of multiple well-appointed dining rooms. Either way, diners  always enjoy the TLC service that has become a hallmark of the Spiro’s dining experience.

Spiro’s St. Charles 2275 Bluestone Drive • St. Charles 4-10 p.m., Tuesday-Saturday; Closed Monday and Sunday (636) 916-1454 www.spiros-restaurant.com
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