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Lake Saint Louis Board to vote on image advisory committee

Lake Saint Louis may be forming a standing committee to look into improving the city’s image.

The city’s first “image citizen advisory committee” may become a reality when the city’s Board of Aldermen formally approves establishing a six-member citizen and board member at its June 15 meeting. The committee would be established for the remainder of the year to see how it works out.

The board discussed forming the committee at a June 1 work session held immediately before their regular meeting. The idea would be to help in promoting and marketing the city as well as offering suggestions for improving its image in the community, City Administrator Paul Markworth said.

Markworth said the idea has evolved for some time, beginning when an aldermen, a group of local residents and members of the city’s Community Association began to hold informal meetings. The association manages private amenities in the city.

Some of the ideas they generated include new city banners, events for local businesses and realtors, and code enforcement issues such as lots with high grass.

Instead of an informal group that meets occasionally, a committee established by the city will be required to have regularly scheduled meetings that are open to the public and subject to the state’s open meetings law, Markworth said.

The city is expected to spend about $8,500 on marketing efforts during its next budget year, which begins July 1. Some of the proposed ideas are similar to those of neighboring O’Fallon, which has installed a series of entrance and directional signs.

O’Fallon’s lighted interstate entrance signs cost about $130,000 or more.

“We don’t have the money for that,” Markworth said.

Instead, the city hopes to work with the Shoppes at Hawkes Point to set up a city entrance sign at Interstate 64 near Interstate 364. The city is seeking permission for the sign from the Missouri Department of Transportation. The lighted, partially brick sign will be illuminated by light from solar panels and may cost about $6,000, Markworth said.

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