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Baltimore mom

To the Editor:

We have all seen the Baltimore mother who chased her son home after seeing him among the rioters.  Good for her.

Many want to make her a heroine or Mother of the Year. But there’s more to the story. How about also chastising her for hitting her son, pulling his hoodie, socking him in the head and pushing him home?  This only teaches children of any age that it’s OK to hit another person.

During the riot, she could have stopped her son, talked some sense into him, said she loves him and doesn’t want him to get hurt or arrested – and then told him to get home without hitting him. Most of all, in reporting this story and glorifying this mother, no one asked the big question: Where are the fathers of her five children?

No one seemed to care that she admitted she is doing the best she can alone to provide for them. No one has brought forth any information that there are fathers who also are taking care of these children.

Our country has big problems such as this one. Leaders who really care about the coming generations are desperately needed. Will they step up?

Marcia Meyer

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