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Fireworks discussion defused

It turns out changes to O’Fallon’s fireworks ordinance won’t be leaving the ground after all.

At a work session on April 23, Councilmember Dave Hinman (Ward 1), who had brought the issue forward, thanked his fellow councilmembers for reaching out to their constituents for feedback on the matter. Then, he announced that due to the residents’ feedback, which he and the other councilmembers had heard, he would not be moving forward with a revised fireworks ordinance.

“I know we’ve all heard a variety of opinions out there, some for and some against, but that’s what makes O’Fallon so successful,” Hinman said. “We are constantly looking at our city and trying to say ‘what can we do better?’ Sometimes asking the question can lead to a significant change, but on some occasions the answer is what we are doing is the right thing.”

While the O’Fallon council may have doused the discussion, the Board of Aldermen in nearby Wentzville has taken on the topic.

Wentzville City Administrator Robert Bartolotta said that the board held a discussion over a proposed ordinance, which would allow residents over the age of 17 to use certain types of fireworks at certain times on July 3 and 4. Though the ordinance was up for first reading, Bartolotta said the board deferred action on the legislation until its next meeting.

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