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Lake Saint Louis to honor ‘miracle’ first responders

Lake Saint Louis officials are contemplating holding a recognition ceremony in May for police, fire and ambulance personnel involved with the rescue of three 14-year-old boys who fell through the ice on Lake Sainte Louise on Jan. 19.

Lake Saint Louis Police Chief Mike Force suggested to the city’s Board of Aldermen that a ceremony be held on May 30. Force said the ceremony could involve emergency responders from the Lake Saint Louis police department, the Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District, the Wentzville Fire Protection District and the St. Charles County Ambulance District.

Force told the board at their April 4 meeting that May is designated nationally as a month to recognize emergency responders.

The Lake Saint Louis board members liked the idea of offering recognition but could not decide on the form it should take. Suggestions ranged from having a week-long recognition period where aldermen would talk to all police when they reported for duty, to a breakfast, to holding a ceremony before a board meeting.

Force did get the board to agree to a May 30 date and said he would report back with more suggestions after meeting with fire chiefs and ambulance officials.

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