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No one writes letters anymore

To the Editor:

You asked why there are less letters to the editor and more online comments.

You remind me of the Federal Reserve. Why isn’t anyone writing checks anymore? There’s a new thing called debit cards that people prefer to use.

In case you didn’t realize it there’s a new thing called social media and online comments. If you want comments to appear in your paper then you have to change your approach. The idea that everyone is going to start writing you letters is ridiculous.

Use the online comments and/or social media or you are going to continue to get less and less letters to the editor.

The same is true of paper news. The decline in newspaper advertising has continued over the last several years while online advertising continues to grow. I know you would like to believe that this trend will change, but regardless of what we want to see happen the public has spoken and online is the way of the world.

Just use the online comments as letters to the editor, or make a separate section just for letters to the editor.

You should understand that no one is writing letters anymore. Just ask the post office. There’s a new thing called email now that people prefer to use – like me!

Bryant S. Douglas

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